5 Common Causes of Ticking Noises in Subarus

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Gregory Paulsen
Gregory PaulsenProfessional Claim Inspector

Posted on Jan 22, 2023

There can be a number of reasons why a Subaru might make a ticking noise. Below are five of the most common causes:

1. Loose engine components - This is one of the most common causes of ticking noises in Subarus. Loose engine components can include the camshaft, valves, or valve springs. If you suspect that one of these components is loose, have a mechanic inspect it and tighten it if necessary.

2. Bad bearings - Another common cause of ticking noises in Subarus is bad bearings. If the bearings in the engine are worn out, they can cause a ticking noise.

3. Faulty spark plugs - Spark plugs that are worn out or damaged can also cause a ticking noise.

4. Faulty fuel injectors - If the fuel injectors are not working properly, it can cause a ticking noise.

5. Faulty exhaust system - Ticking noises can also be caused by a faulty exhaust system. If there is a problem with the exhaust system, it can cause the exhaust to vibrate, which will create a ticking noise.

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