Putting a MINI Cooper in Neutral: An Essential Guide for Drivers

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Walter Whyte
Walter WhyteAuto Insurance Claim Specialist

Posted on Jan 23, 2023

If you own a MINI Cooper, then you know that it's a fun car to drive. But did you know that you can put it in Neutral to save on gas? When you're not driving, it's a good idea to put your car in Neutral instead of Park. This will help the engine idle more efficiently and save you money on gas.

To put your MINI Cooper in Neutral, just press the clutch and shift the gear lever to the N (Neutral) position. Make sure your handbrake is engaged before you do this, or the car may roll away. When you're ready to drive again, just shift the gear lever back to the D (Drive) position and release the clutch.

Remember, you should only put your MINI Cooper in Neutral when it's not moving. If you're driving down the road and want to put it in Neutral, first shift to the N (Neutral) position and then release the clutch. Otherwise, you may stall the engine.

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