Who is Required to Wear Seat Belts in the State of California?

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Christine Anderson
Christine AndersonLicensed Car Insurance Consultant

Posted on Feb 06, 2023

In the state of California, all drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts while in a moving vehicle. This includes both the front and back seats. Fines for not wearing a seat belt can range from $20 to $250, depending on the severity of the offense. Children under the age of 16 are also required to wear a seat belt, or else they may face fines of up to $500.

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  • What Does the Law Say About Wearing a Seat Belt in California?

    The law in California says that all drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt while the car is in motion. This is a primary law, which means that you can be pulled over and ticketed for not wearing a seat belt, even if you are not breaking any other traffic laws.There are a few exceptions to this

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  • When Was the California Seat Belt Law Passed?

    The California seat belt law was passed in 1986. It requires all drivers and passengers in a vehicle to wear a seat belt. The law was passed in response to a number of fatal car accidents that occurred in California.

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  • Does California Assign points for Seatbelt Violations?

    Yes, California assigns points for seatbelt violations. A first offense carries two points, a second offense carries four points, and a third or subsequent offense carries six points. Points on your driving record can lead to increased insurance premiums and may even cause your license to be suspend

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