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Is a Ticket for using a Mobile Phone While Driving Considered a Moving Violation?

1. There is no definitive answer to this question since it can depend on the state in which you reside.2. Some states consider using a mobile phone while driving a moving violation, while others do not.3. If you are ticketed for using a mobile phone while driving, you will likely have to pay a fine.

Jun 03, 2023
Is Texting and Driving Considered a Moving Infraction?

Yes, texting and driving is considered a moving infraction. In most states, it is illegal to text and drive, and this can result in a ticket. Additionally, if you are involved in a car accident while texting and driving, you may be held liable for any damages incurred.

Jun 03, 2023
Is It a Moving Infraction to Text and Drive in California?

Yes, it is a moving infraction to text and drive in California. In fact, it is against the law to use a handheld electronic device while driving in California. This includes using your phone to text, email, or surf the web. If you are caught violating this law, you can expect to receive a ticket and

Jun 03, 2023
The Fatal Consequences of Texting and Driving vs. Drinking and Driving

There is no question that texting and driving is a dangerous activity. It can lead to accidents and fatalities. However, drinking and driving is also a very dangerous activity. It can lead to accidents and fatalities.The difference is that texting and driving is a choice. Drinking and driving is not

Jun 03, 2023